The best places for coffee and cake

First of all, I have a confession, I don’t actually like coffee but drink lashings of tea. However, the title ‘Tea and Cake’ doesn’t have quite the same attraction and the fact that coffee is the most consumed drink in the world, I was worried the title wouldn’t be cool.

So now that we have managed to bring some honesty into our relationship, get ready for my top 5 in Bristol and I would like you all to know it been an extensive research project.


anna outside.jpg

Well, this one cannot be a surprise to anyone who lives within a 100-mile radius of Clifton Village. Anna has established itself as a mainstay in Clifton and it is always my go-to place (especially when I am in show-off mode with guests).

The “cubicakes” are off the scale, which makes the toughest part choosing what to have. One is not enough so you have to go for two each but then they do five for a set price so guess what? Yep, that’s right we always order five!

Ok, I know you are all desperate to know what to order. Well, if you like peanut butter (and if you don’t why am I even talking to you?!?), the peanut butter and chocolate one is a must, closely followed by the banana and caramel.

They bring out your tea with a timer and when it goes off your loose tea is brewed to perfection. Go for a walk through the village and stop by for a visit. It will enhance your life trust me.



Ok, this may be my local and the closest to my house but honest, that’s why it’s not on the list. The cakes are truly amazing and they change on a regular basis but there is something more important you must do first before you decide which cake you will indulge in.

Walk around the deli and look at all the amazing products they sell, everything from almonds to zwetschkenknodel  (not actually sure if they sell this but trying to impress you all with my vast knowledge of food) and everything in between. It really will make you re-evaluate your cupboards back at home and wonder why you ever did by that inferior product.

Once you have coaxed the other person over with words like “have you seen how beautiful this is” and “can we buy this, please” it’s time to choose your cake, which will also take time. Eat in or if you are lucky and live around the corner then take away. Whichever you will not be disappointed.

Ahh Toots


If you decided to part with your hard earned cash, just on a mouth-watering display alone then Ahh Toots would win hands down.

Located in what can only be described as one of the last bastions of great market food, St Nicholas Market. If you can actually decide which piece of cake you want – which is one of the most difficult tasks known to man (or woman).

Top tip alert! Do what we do and order four to share and then you cover some of your bases if not all, but better than having just one and walking away looking back thinking “why didn’t I choose that one”. Then grab a seat on one of the tables and watch the world go by through this amazing market. If you come to Bristol for a visit, go here please it’s a hidden gem.

Mrs Potts Chocolate House


A recent “newbie” to the coffee and cake scene in Bristol but after my experiences, this place is here to stay and I am for one so glad.

What a great position for us Cliftonites, just before we tackle our version of Everest (Park Street), we can have some refreshment to help prepare us for the climb to the summit, or as some people call it the triangle.

They obviously specialise in everything chocolate and most goodies are inspired by this key ingredient. However, I personally love the pots of melted chocolate which they present alongside a variety of objects for dipping, such as marshmallows, strawberries and bananas.

Washed down with some great tea (I did warn you I don’t drink coffee), Everest looks easy and almost flat as we accelerate past the people who have decided to climb without a pitstop. Drop in for a pot of chocolate.



I decided to include Mokoko for a few reasons. First of all, it’s situated down Wapping Wharf and if you manage to be lucky and sit outside then you have pretty much won the jackpot if like me you love to people watch – in a non-weird way can I just stress.

Secondly, I love teapots. As you can see above, they look amazing and they count for my gym work out for the day so I save some time, oh and actually having a gym membership.

Thirdly they actually make everything on site and if you decide to sit inside you will watch the talented bakers work their magic which will leave you mesmerised and hungry. Great atmosphere, great cakes and great people sounds like the perfect mix to enjoy your coffee and cake.




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  1. Andy Williams says:

    We look forward to joining you in visiting all these places Mark! Great blog as always 👍


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